Posted on Sunday, Dec 29, 2013 |

Swipely Boston

Swipely tells you; * Who your best customers are and how much they spend * How many of your customers are repeat customers or new customers * Whether promotions convert new customers into repeat customers * What day of the week (or time of day) that you get more repeat or new customers * What day of the month sales were affected by local weather, Facebook likes and Yelp reviews.

Posted on Wednesday, Aug 07, 2013 |

Customer Analytics for Restaurants & Local Business via Swipely

One of the biggest challenges for restaurant owners is measuring the success of online promotions in driving offline traffic. How much traffic and how many new customers does one tweet generate? Swipely takes the guesswork out of marketing. Their new wave of marketing tools makes it easy to connect online marketing with offline sales. Swipely’s online platform also tells you the exact moment when a new customer becomes a loyal customer.

Posted on Thursday, Jul 25, 2013 |

Calling all Hipsters

Looking for male "hipsters" who reside in MA for an audition this Fri.

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#DownloadBoston is a local movement to increase the awareness of Boston-based startups in this city and beyond.

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