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Diehard Red Sox Fans Wanted

From Boston Casting:


BOSTON CASTING is seeking diehard and passionate RED SOX fans for a TV commercial.  We are looking for people who have great stories to share with us about their passion for the RED SOX. 

The commercial will shoot 1 day during the week of July 14th.  If cast, you will be paid.

Please email a photo and a note to:
EMAIL:  redsoxfanscasting@gmail.com
Tell  us why you are one of the biggest Red Sox fans in Boston.  What is your routine when watching a game?  Do you have rituals that you need to follow when the Red Sox play?   Do you have a whole room of Red Sox memorabilia?  Have you painted a room in your house monster green?  What is the craziest thing you have ever done during a Red Sox game?

We are also looking for large families with
8 or more kids who are diehard fans, and barbers/barbershop owners.

Thank you!

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